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Misty Rowe Book


The perfect Christmas gift for any country music, Hee Haw or Marilyn Monroe fan! As a special thank you, between now and Dec. 10th, Misty will personally wrap each Autographed book and make sure it arrives in time for Christmas! This is only available for SIGNED book orders. For more info, log onto Misty's Facebook page to watch her video that details this offer.


Hee Haw Beauty

"If you think Misty Rowe was just a ditzy blonde who popped up out of the cornfield on Hee Haw....boy are you in for a surprise!" -Lulu Roman

How she became billed as "The Second Coming of Marilyn Monroe."

Wendy the Car Hop on Happy Days

Misty tells all in the sometimes amusing.....sometimes poignant...but always honest memoir.

Misty and Minnie Pearl

Misty's memories of the Hee Haw cast and many other country music stars with whom she has worked.

The perfect gift for any Country Music lover or Hee Haw fan!


Many people who write autobiographies probably wonder if they have enough stories to flesh out an entire book. No problem here: Misty Rowe is blessed with stories. She wrecked Elvis Presley's car. She was serenaded by Michael Jackson. She channeled Marilyn Monroe and met Elton John. She tried to be "scandalous" and accidentally turned a chicken blue. Don't call PETA. It's not that kind of tale.

"Misty Memories" is the story of a person with an ordinary background (her family was so cash-strapped when she was a kid that ketchup soup became a meal) who worked to accumulate extraordinary experiences.

Misty is best known for her nearly 20-year tour of duty on "Hee Haw," surviving that long despite causing Archie Campbell's toupee to catch fire when she was a rookie. Cast mates on "Hee Haw" became her second family. You'll enjoy reading about her many other roles -- and roles she didn't get.

Having interviewed Misty on a couple of occasions, I thought I knew quite a bit about her life and career. As it turns out, I was only familiar with the tip of the iceberg. I'm so appreciative she and Scot England teamed up on this book to provide us all with the big-picture story.

You'll root for Misty if you read this book and you'll get a few laughs. Don't we all need to laugh after a tough 2020?

--Jimmie Tramel, Tulsa World pop culture writer.

"I consider Misty Rowe to be a rare and endearing friend, and I feel incredibly honored to have been so close to her for all these years. She has a fantastic life story and if even half of her charm and charisma come across in this book, as I'm sure it will, you are in for a rare treat." - Marianne Gordon Rogers

Misty shares............

* Her heartbreaking grief of losing a child, and how she went on to find joy with the child she had been praying for.

* How her dream marriage to a television soap opera star turned into a real-life soap opera.

* Her unforgettable moments with Elton John and Michael Jackson, and how Patsy Cline played such an important role in her life and career.

Misty shares her heartbreaking grief of losing a child and howshe went on to find joy with the child she had been praying for.  How her dream marriage to television soap opera star turned into a real-life soap opera.